Changing the game
Una Patagon1a conservation initiative




Eventhough nowadays repopulating rivers seems to be so easy and reachable to anyone that shouldn’t be a news, but for those who live at the end of the world it’s never an easy task.

Tres Amigos Outfitters, Una Patagon1a proud members, has devotion for a brook trout sanctuary called Chico Sur. Many stories of huge brook trout have been recorded in that place, and also it’s been part of one of our fly fishing destinations called “the route of the spring creeks” we decided that we wanted to help the river to reach its maximum potential.


This river was famous in the 90ties, but that fame ended up destroying a huge part of the river and still today no sign of fish is visible in most of the high parts of it. After taking the decision of helping this ecosystem we found that brook trout is not an easy fish to get in this latitudes.

Juanma called Tierra del Fuego fishing department and contact Santiago Lesta (Director) who was recently making a controlled spawning and fecundation with some amazing brooks from some fuegians lakes. Big and beautiful, but as you might know, Tierra del Fuego looks close, but, is not that close!!. So we decided with Santiago that we would give it a try.

The local fishing department gave us a few papers to work on and we delivered the project to get the formal permission and import TDF brookies. Santiago kept the eggs till they reached the stage of showing eyes, and then they flew over here, around 2000 future brookies.

Putting eggs with the viver box its not the most successful technique to guarantee the a good living rate. So we contact a cool dude called Ruben Hudson, from Piedra Buena fishing station (300km from our city) and we decided to take the eggs to born and get the right size to be thrown at the river.

After a few months Ruben called us to say that the brookies were ready to start feeding so its time to put them in the river. Once they start feeding the change from the balanced food they give them in the fish farm to the one they need to get in the river throws the living rate pretty much down.

Some mate ready! And we (Claudio, Juanma and his father Pedro) departed to Piedra Buena town to pick up the brookies and went straight away to the river to put them and conclude the project. Once in the fishing farm Ruben weighed them to estimate the amount and also put them in bags with some oxygen to resist the trip.

Among volcanoes, rheas and guanacos we reached our spot and put the fish bags in the water to get the same temperature, then we mixed the water of the box with the river and after 10 minutes we started the introduction. Low water and gravel grounds are what they need to be sheltered. It was late and night came fast. So the last introduction was pretty hard but the satisfaction of finishing the task once we only dreamed of was immeasurable.

Juan Manuel Biott
Tres Amigos Outfitters