Dear Fisherman,
When we first started with this idea of bringing Patagonia together in order to produce a better outcome for the whole region, it was no less than fifteen years ago.
At that time, I was working (and I still do) with rural school’s involved in @Fundacion Ruta 40 , a nonprofit helping more than 2,600 children among twenty-seven rural schools along the Cordillera de Los Andes. I’ve always thought education was the right tool for the job.
To be honest, it was very hard to make it happen, I suppose because of my lack of experience.
As time went by I never gave up on the idea of consolidating Patagonia and promoting the region in a collaborative way. Eventually, it became a very successful experience! The Dorado Golden Route in Northern Argentina was created. It included the first Dorado radio tagging and blood sampling among other things and brought together four different destinations to work collaboratively enriching the Dorado experience. Also a foundation was created in Salta to raise awareness of the rivers and the Dorados and their issues so they could be protected, and local guide Alejandro Haro (Juramento owner) was named as the Patagonia Global Ambassador.
I’ve also owned a fly fishing TV Show on ESPN over the last ten years, and for the last five I’ve been Patagonia’s (clothing brand) fly fishing manager for Argentina. These two tanks gave me a lot of connections, locally and abroad. With all this in the mixer, I decided it was the perfect time to create Una Patagon1a.
The first ten lodges I contacted were IN IMMEDIATELY. This proved that we were on the right track of the need to work together down here in Patagonia. The logos you see above are the ten lodges that left selfishness aside, and decided to create something bigger. Not only for them, but essentially for the region. This will benefit the whole region, not only the lodges involved. Even more, we are working with Chilean lodges also, so we can create a Super Angling Destination Region.
Besides repositioning the region, our main objective is to create a conservation office that will be funded through a percent of the commissions the Una Patagon1a office may receive for any trip we sell. That money will be directly invested in conservation projects within the region, including public waters!
This is just the beginning…
Join us and helps us generate this move!
Un Abrazo Grande!