With only a few more months to go until we officially open our new rainbow trout program, Eagle Valley Lodge in Southern Patagonia, we decided to send our friends Liam and David Moore across the globe to give the place a try. Here is what they had to say about it!

Testimonial by David Moore

Dear All

It has been years in the planning / discussions with Christer in Sweden also Las Buitreras plus many many phone calls finally it was time to pack the bags. Destination Eagle Valley Patagonia to finally scout out, prior to Solid Adventures first guests arriving in February and March Myself and Liam my eldest son together with some of the best guides in the world Claudio and Pollo  AKA Tres Amigos armed with two 4X4s and a Zodiac boat to explore the lakes.

juan manuel biott - IMG_2756

Simply put Eagle Valley is a totally unique rainbow trout fishery. Sorry but there is nothing in the world we can compare it with, to help us describe this unique fly fishery to you all. The environment is extreme, both in fishing, location and weather. The fishery comprises of two lakes and 3 creeks / small rivers, in a outstanding remote location I mean remote with a back drop of the beautiful snow covered Patagonian mountains. Oh and Fish lots of Fish.

The ecology of the fishery is off the scale to see aggressive fish of 4 to 6 kilos ave size in the creek in numbers unsurpassed to anything seen before. spawning fish and fresh fish all in the mix. The biggest surprise was the ratio of fresh fish caught this must have been near 95 % the older fish didn’t seem interested to react to the fly just as readily.

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All we can say at this point its truly awesome then in the next breath overwhelming due to large numbers of fish present within the whole fishery. Our advice to you all is, be selective in you approach pick out individual fish within the creek, this is much harder than you think because its full Then watch the targeted trout attack your fly this is so highly addictive. Also as you become more familiar with the fishing, it is great fun to entice the trout to chase the fly, not once but repeatedly cast after cast. Just pulling the fly at the last minute prior to the take. Just see how many times you can get these aggressive fish to chase the fly. This is absolutely awesome to watch. How many fisheries can you do this with confidence, baring in mind the next cast you do could simply produce a fish of a life time. If numbers is your game just swing or drift the fly over the pack

The cut backs in the river bank hold big surprises do not walk by. These little pocket areas hold large numbers of fish and produce some very unexpected takes. The creek also narrows into very narrow channels some of which you could virtually step over ok jump over. These can be very deep, stand well back from the edge before making the cast, skate the fly then watch it disappear in an explosion as it comes across the surface putting your 5# rod to the ultimate test as you try to raise these monster fish from the depths of the channel.

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We both hit well into treble figures within the 4 1/2 days, with the largest two coming in at at 8 kilos each both caught by Liam. One from the middle creek and one from the top lake, both taken on 5# rod floating line floating bugs Simply put the creeks / rivers are a dry fly fisherman’s heaven close quarters sight fishing dream.

Our average size for the middle creek must have been close to 4 kg with a 6 kg fish not being a surprise with 95% caught in prime condition Our average size in the top lake and top creek was smaller 2 to 3 kg. Due to the adverse weather and time of year the bottom lake was coloured more than usual. The average size of fish caught was similar to the middle creek though numbers was affected by the colour of the lake. We was slightly early for the bottom creek, although we did see fish entering the lower creek on our arrival but time simply ran out on us to investigate the bottom creek further. next time.

Thanks to all involved Solid Adventures, Tres Amigos and RIO products fly lines

Simply awesome fishery.

EAGLE VALLEY will be a bucket list destination for many fly fishers in the world in the very near future. I do not like to predict numbers but it is exactly this, that will make this trout fishery famous world wide

Well done guys in finding this amazing place

On a final note
Watch your 5 # rod bend to the limit as it was designed to do awesome. Plus strong hooks we bent quite a few straight.
see you all next year I am sure

David Moore