Biott family is already working on the details of a new season through our Estancias and Patagonian nature and culture.  

A new Eco Camp is being set up to experience the last stop of The Route in the middle of the most picturesque volcanic valley, with all the facilities for a good sleep.

In the meantime, a short fishing report:

The water level is higher than ever. Rain and snow combined made every system very healthy and grounds are now wet and will hold water much better than previous seasons. Creeks are high so the fishing sessions are done in the ones with clearer water.  

Brook trout are hungry and very active at the moment. Some big guys were caught the first fishing session of the season. Streamers are the best at the moment but some activity is seen on warmer days. Brown trout are more willing to take hoppers or big beetles. Only floating lines are used with some weighted streamers or nymphs occasionally.

Wildlife in November/December is perfect for taking pictures or simply watching. Every rhea, goose, and guanaco shares life with the little ones, taking care of them so you get excellent chances of a good photograph.

Meals are a chapter itself. First lambs of the season are served in different ways. Vegetables, liquors, jam and condiments are produced organically in our Estancias, so be prepared to taste Patagonia as pure as it can be.

Tight lines,

Juan Manuel Biott