The trout season is presented somewhat atypical compared to recent seasons, this is due to the good and prolonged snowfall that extended almost to the end of the spring in Northern Patagonia. The first months of the season (November, December and January) were and are still synonymous of high water in our rivers, making it difficult to fish them, either due to the lack of accessibility to the spots or the dispersion of the fish, this as a general rule affects mainly mountain rivers, with great gradient and speed in their waters, and with less consequences to steppe rivers more meandering and slow.

One of the most challenging mountain rivers for any fisherman is undoubtedly the mystical river Traful, with its world fame, well earned for being one of the most technical and indecipherable even for the most avid fisherman, with a unique population of Land locked Salmon, which because of its size and combativeness it summons fishermen from all over the world in search of the ghost of the rivers. Direct descendant of the Atlantic Salmon the fish of the “thousand cast”, it is undoubtedly the most precious and difficult trophy in the world of the fly fishermen.

The high waters in this beginning of the season, added to the low temperament of the river made fishing difficult, but every coin has another face, in short these difficulties of the beginning, will sponsor a spectacular half and end of season, with ideal water levels and temperature, where the fish population will concentrate and find its comfort without having to migrate to the large water mirrors.

The river Traful is not a river to look for quantities of fish, it is a river to look for quality of catches, both in brown and rainbow trout, as well as the king of our waters the magnificent Land Locked Salmon, in an environment that we could only define as “paradise on earth” and this privilege can only be obtained by visiting Estancia Arroyo Verde.