A wide variety of fishing to satisfy nearly any angler

The Rio Manso
The Manso River is a river of many personalities, from roaring streamer white water to nymphing riffles to smooth, placid-perfect dry fly runs. We fish it all, some just a stone’s throw from our lodge. Most within 20 minutes or so. Why spend your time bouncing down a road in Patagonia when you can spend it fishing, and at the end of the day, relaxing at the lodge?
When we do feel the urge to travel, we’ll ride a horse into the mountains to fish a secret lake, or maybe drive to the lower Manso river below Lago Steffen. ThIs part of the river, which only opens to fishing December 1, is bigger water, with some large deep pools which hold some of the largest fish in the watershed, and it’s worth a day chasing them. But it was in the river near the lodge that our largest brown to date, a 12 pound behemoth, was landed on a dry fly!
The Lakes
Within minutes of the lodge are several of the most productive lakes in Patagonia. These lakes, all part of the Manso watershed, are interconnected to the river and fish can move freely from one to the other. Large brown, rainbow and brook trout thrive in these waters and the cover the old-growth forest on their shores provides.
In December and January, dry fly fishing can be outstanding as one of the best dragon fly hatches in the Andes takes place here, and the fish rise greedily to take large patterns. If you like sight casting to cruising trout, this is the fishing for you.
Fishing from comfortable Carolina skiffs often lets you sight cast to fish in the gin-clear water, or to rise forms along the shore.

Small Streams
With so much good fishing so easily accessible around the lodge, we sometimes overlook water right under our noses. That’s the case with most of the small streams nearby. Don’t be fooled by their size – they regularly hold large rainbows and browns, and are fun places to explore and fish.
Secret Spots
How do I put a blindfold in writing? We have several “secret” fishing locations that we talk little about, but the guides love to take anglers to fish. If you are a person who enjoys a bit of adventure, and definitely some extra effort to get to these waters, the rewards are there. Not just in fish caught, but in spectacular, remote scenery, and the satisfaction traveling a path less taken.Fall Fishing Means Big Fish

For anglers who love fall fishing, there is little better than visiting Rio Manso Lodge in March and April. Gorgeous, colored brook trout start to congregate at brook mouths, and golden browns chase streamers with a vengeance. Time it just right and you might hit a cold front that turns the fishing into a feeding frenzy. Rivers, streams and lake tributaries are loaded with hungry trout looking for a good meal before spawning. Giant browns move from the lakes into the Patagonia rivers and it is your single best opportunity for a fish of a lifetime.