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Welcome to the amazing Estancia Laguna Verde, at Jurassic lake

The rumors you’ve heard about trout fishing at Strobel lake (aka Jurassic Lake) and Barrancoso River (Jurassic River) are true. Memorable rainbows are caught on regular basis at Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, the one and only lodge in all Strobel/Barrancoso plateu area.
With it´s first class lodging, and exclusive access to miles of Strobel lake, Barrancoso river, Moro creek and over 12 smaller lakes and lagoons, we are the obvious choice for serious anglers looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime.
Come to experience this unrivaled flyfishing adventure, only at Estancia Laguna Verde.

The most complete and flexible fly fishing program in all Jurassic Lake and Barrancoso River


Why come to fish at Estancia Laguna Verde? 

Experienced anglers from all over the globe visit us every season targeting the best fishing in the area for wild chrome silver, torpedo-shaped, drag smoking rainbow trout. Strategically located, we have exclusive access to more than 14 kilometers of Strobel lake, more than 10 kilometers of all the best fishing area of Barrancoso river, ten kilometers of the recently discovered Moro Creek, and more than 12 smaller lakes and lagoons chained by this fantastic creek. We are proud to say that Estancia Laguna Verde offers the best and most varied fishing programs in all Santa Cruz province.


Over the years, we’ve learned that what draws the attention and amazes our guests even more are the methods we use to catch these out-of-this-world rainbows: sight fishing in crystal waters to cruising fish using floating lines, slow stripping small to medium size streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns, or even hanging scuds and small nymphs from big dries.



Combine the wide variety of programs and the methods with top-notch hardcore guides addicted to sight fishing, world-class lodging and the chance of catching a trophy Rainbow trout, and the choice stands out.

Estancia Laguna Verde is, unmistakably, the ultimate flyfishing experience at the remote and wild southern Patagonia, that is why a growing crowd of anglers return year after year for another taste of this amazing fishery and all around trip of a lifetime.

Laguna Verde by Todd Moen
Rio Barrancoso by Todd Moen


Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge is strategically located just by the beautiful “Laguna Verde” (Green Lake), only a cast away from the fantastic trout fishing you can enjoy there, and from access to a wide variety of fishing programs offered.
The Lodge main building is a typical “Estancia house” accommodating up to 10 anglers per week. It has 7 double bedrooms with comfortable “en suite” bathrooms, provided with hot water 24/7, each with 2 single beds (Single room lodging and guiding can be provided for an additional cost).
Our spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde is one of the favourite spots in the lodge. Anglers can sip on a cocktail while enjoying, on the 42´ LCD TV set, slide shows of the catches of the day. Satellite TV connection and a DVD player are available for entertainment, as well. For complete relaxation, we provided that room with a fly tying desk and library to enjoy when not fishing.
There is also a newly built changing room / drying facility located just by the entrance door of the lodge to use before and after fishing. We want to make sure anglers have all the fishing gear (such as waders, wading boots, rods, reels, vests, etc) ready and dried day after day.
The Lodge also offers visitors Satellite and IP telephone and free unlimited wireless Internet access. To avoid extra luggage, anglers can use the computer of the lodge. Windmill generators, and fuel generators as back up, guarantee the energy demands of the Lodge, providing electricity (220 volt.) 24 hs a day. Laundry service is provided twice a week if desired by guests, as well as any other special attention needed or wanted.
The staff at the lodge offers friendly and professional attention to create a cosy and hassle-free atmosphere to guarantee our guests have a truly unforgettable experience.


Estancia Laguna Verde also offers an excellent cuisine, in charge of its exclusive chef and sous chef. We set ourselves the goal of being ambassadors of the richness of the gastronomic cultural diversity of our immigrant and local history delighting our visitors with typical Argentinean tasty delicacies.

Coffee, tea, fruit juices, dairy products, ham, eggs, toasts, freshly baked bread, butter, patagonic marmalades, honey, cereals, and others are available at the lodge for an excellent and energizing breakfast.

At noon, our anglers enjoy of delicious and varied menus varying according to the fishing programs of the day and spots in the Estancia. Some of those substantial dishes consist of grilled meat or trout with salads, picnic of bread, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, and other tasty options.
Fly fishers can relax for some minutes on sun lounges distributed at the different fishing spots to rest their arms before facing demanding trout in the afternoon.

Comforting warm coffee or tea is available 24/7, as well as other snacks such as cookies, crackers, sandwiches, anglers may want to have between meals or before dinner. Anglers can find regional Liqcours and spirit drinks to recover from the worthy Jurassic contenders of the day.

Once back at the lodge, and after a refreshing shower, our chef and sou chef each night prepare a world class 3-course menu for our guests’ delight to taste after an exciting day.
In a friendly atmosphere, visitors can try different types of local appetizers such as goat or sheep cheese, dried hams, dried pork sausages, among others. As the main course, anglers can taste our famous “asados” (barbecues), our traditional Patagonic lamb or our classic homemade pastas, just to name a few. For dessert, apart from having a great variety of fresh fruits we also offer different delicacies specially prepared by our chef. The wine selection for the evening varies according to the planned menu.

At the lodge we offer a wide range of first-rate beverages varying from our famous wine selection of traditional Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and other white types, to regional homebrewed beers, spirit drinks, whiskies, cognacs, etc. These and other alcohol-free beverages are available daily at the bar in the living room.

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