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With 40 km of Private waters on the incomparable Rio Gallegos our fishing at Las Buitreras stands out as one of the best and most interesting fly fisheries for big seatrout on the planet! The Rio Gallegos is a fairly shallow river allowing us to focus our fishing on floating and intermediate lines generating spectacular surface takes and attacks from the aggressive trout! With 40 km of private water including both sides of the river and a maximum of 12 anglers per week we offer our anglers to fish fresh and rested waters every session. Average size of seatrout landed is approxiamtely 9 lbs with the record being a 33 lbs fresh silver fish. Fish in the 15-20 lbs range is landed every week of the season.


All fishing is done with one guide per 2 anglers and clients are taken to each pool by car. The roads are of varying conditions with some rather rough parts why we are using Toyota Hilux and similar models as means of transportation during the fishing sessions.

40 km of Private waters on the incomparable Rio Gallegos


Species: Seatrout (searun Brown Trout) and resident Brown Trout
Biggest Seatrout landed: 33 lbs (15 kg)
Biggest Brown trout landed: 12 lbs (5,5 kg)

The fishing is very exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, obviating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment. Fishing is mainly done using light double hand rods or single hand rods rigged with floating or slow intermediate lines. Long casting is not the focus but rather to control the fly and always be ready.

The takes are often violent and these fish really puts on a show once they are hooked! It is this variety in combination with the visually inspiring mountainous outcrops, that makes this part of the Rio Gallegos quite simply one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. Sometimes explosive, sometimes challenging, fishing for sea trout requires a level of skill and understanding that can sometimes frustrate the average salmon angler.

However, armed with the correct knowledge to unlock these secrets the fishing on the Rio Gallegos can be immensely rewarding and highly addictive!


Estancia Las Buitreras offers a perfect blend of luxury and rustic living. The cozy lodge is just a 10-minute walk from the river’s edge and offers our guests a haven from the expansive windy plains. The lodge is equipped with six double-bed and two single-bed rooms, all offer private bathrooms with showers. Although we can accommodate up to 14 guests at at time, we welcome a maximum of 12 fishermen per week. The 6 double and 2 single-bed rooms are all equipped with private bathrooms and showers.

On the first floor of the lodge is our indoor winter garden, a perfect place for the after fishing beer or glass of wine. Just outdoors is a spacious courtyard protected from the wind, where we have a large fixed outdoor stone grill and terrace for hosting traditional Argentine assados. These amenities provide our guests space, comfort, and an at-home feel throughout the duration of their stay.

All meals are included as well as the high quality house wine and beer! The Estancia also has a small fine wine selection and a small bar at self cost. Free Wifi !

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