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La villa Lodge Fishing Report

Week 4

By Diego Motter ~ La Villa Head Guide

Another week just ended, the river is low ,really clear, upper part is really low, not flow at the pools , the fishing got difficult up there , 90 fish were landed, 25 fish over 15 pounds, 5 over 20, Average weight 11.5 pounds.

Sinking lines with nymph were the best, emb nymph was the best fly of the week.

Top rod of the week was roger young with 37 fish on the net, the biggest 20 pounds. landed fish almost in all sesion.

Dave sawler landed the biggest fish with 21 pounds.

Floating lines worked good this last week, using it with heavy nymph.

Water Conditions

Water color and visibility: Very clear water all week.

Water temperature: 4c to 17c.

Water level: geting low, even lower in the upper part, the lower part still good,Menéndez river is still putting some water into the rio grande.

Weather Conditions

Wind speed ranges through the week:the wind blows northwest as usual, it was strong all week. Wednesday wind blow strong from the north.

Air temperature ranges through the week: 4c to 17 c ,

Wheather observations (sun, rain, fog, etc.): cooler afternoons, difficult wind on Wednesday.

Fishing Conditions

Flies that are working the best: Nymphs: emb, wonder bug, Aurelia prince, prince nymph, ruber legs nymphs. Different sizes of sunray shadows. Big flies for the last hour: big tube flies, intruder, leeches.

Salmon flies like undertakers were very good.

Emb nymph was the best fly, we use it with sinking and floating lines.

Fly lines (tips, heads, lengths, densities, etc) that are producing the best: Skagit heads with different lengths of T-17,14, 11, scandi with polyleaders .

Length and strength of tippet and leaders: 9 to 14 feet. 15 to 20 pounds.

Worked good dead drifting nymph with sinking and floating lines,very long leaders, getting to 14 f

Most of the fish were in the lower and middle part of the river, upper part is not so good, and really low, difficult fishing up there.

All fish were fresh.

Fish catch statistics

Number of anglers for the week: 6

Total number of fish landed for the week: 90

Weight of the biggest fish landed for the week: 21 pounds

Number of fish landed over 15 pounds: 25

Number of fish landed over 20 pounds:5

Notable catches: Roger Young, the top rod got 40 % of our total.