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Here it is finally! The teaser for Hooké new film TRUCHA which will be presented as the feature film of the PALM Festival.

Follow them as they embark on what they call their craziest expedition So far! During 21 days they have traveled across the region of Patagonia in search of the biggest trout that roam in these waters. Starting down south on the Rio Grande to target the biggest brown trout in the world to then go back north in Argentina at Estancia Tecka to achieve the grand slam and capture the 3 species of trout that are found in this area. Their trip ends aboard the GAME CHANGERS as they travel across Chile with the crew from Cinco Rios Lodge in search of the TRUCHA Marron.

This is the living proof that our original idea in creating Una patagon1a, is a strong reality. The objective was always to unite and promote the region in a collaborative way, and to help the fishermen who visit us, to combine destinations in an easy way. This film, in addition to showing unique places in Patagonia, shows how simple the combination of destinations is when the Lodges work together and coordinated. It is for all of us a giant Pride to be part of this release. We are deeply grateful to all the HOOKÉ Team who trusted our idea from the first day.

Check the Trailer Here