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Alerces National Park prime destination


The new Carrileufu River Lodge, in the heart of the Carrileufu River Valley, was built with passion and enthusiasm. Our staff has been working together for many years and everybody, from the guides to the chefs and everybody in between, had the chance to share ideas and make suggestions about the design and functionality of the Lodge, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

The Lodge design and structure is a very typical construction from Patagonia; high ceilings, lots of local wood and stone and impeccable attention to detail that make it very cozy and comfortable.

The Lodge includes 6 bedrooms, each with a spectacular view of the Carrileufu Valley and the majestic Andes, and is ideally located within a few minutes drive of many different rivers and fishing opportunities.


Cholila, Chubut

Distance from nearest airport:

Esquel Airport 59.8 km / 37.2 miles

Fishing Season

The fishing season officially opens in Argentine Patagonia on November 1st. and ends April 30th



Our spacious and inviting Great Room is the perfect place to relax after a long day fishing… enjoy a drink with our open bar or a glass of fine wine from the extensive wine cellar, settle in to one of the custom built leather sofas or chairs and discuss the days fishing with fellow anglers and staff while gazing on the Andes through the enormous windows that line the wall.

Rest assured that many stories will be enjoyed about the trout of a lifetime, either landed or missed! And if you’re tired and sore from casting to trout all day the lodge features a sauna and massage room to sooth those achy muscles and get you ready for the next day’s adventure.

While the unspoiled angling, scenery and fisheries harken back to the 19th century, we understand our client’s 21st century needs and offer Wi-Fi internet access at the Lodge and limited phone signal.

Each of our rooms are very spacious and comfortable with 2 queen size beds per room, a view of the stunning Andes Mountains rising out of the valley below and ample storage for your clothing and gear. We offer daily laundry service, and our dedicated lodge staff will ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and relaxing. You take care of fishing, and we take care of everything else!


After a long day out on the rivers fishing many of our guests want to relax and unwind before dinner is served.

Our new lodge features its own room with a full sauna, separate shower and massage table with a spectacular view overlooking the incredible Three Peaks of the Andes.


Spring is a special time to visit Patagonia as the Andes Mountains still hold a good amount of snow and valleys are covered with spring flowers. Precipitation decreases throughout the spring and average temperatures rise along with the length of day until the summer solstice on December 21st.

Area fisheries are full of water, but almost every stream is fishable after December 1st due to the many river-lake systems in our area. Since the water is higher this time of the year, the largest fish tend to be more aggressive and accessible.

Species & Fishing Equipments

Fishing is generally spectacular but flexibility is a must as streamers, dry flies, and nymphs are all used depending on the river levels and daily weather conditions.


Large flies normally concocted with rubber legs, long hackles, bunny fur, foam–you name it (chernoble’s, garbage, junk, bichos, mutant’s, big foam, etc.)—can be thrown and are very effective this time of the year due to the aggressive nature of the fish and the lack of pressure.

You can leave your 5X at home but be sure to bring some 0X and even a sink tip to go down and dirty. Your guide will be as anxious as you are as they have been waiting all winter for the fishing season to open.

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