Rainbow fishing at its best! Eagle Valley is the newest star on the Destination Angling heavens! The system is a dry fly paradise and consists of two lakes connected by streams, all packed with big numbers of fish!


One of Patagonia’s newest discoveries in the Destination Angling world, the Eagle Valley Lodge is an amazing Rainbow fishery located in a beautiful valley protected by a large cliffside! The system consists of two lakes connected by two streams all holding big numbers of fish and anglers are expected to land 20 or more fish per day while staying at the brand new Eagle Valley Lodge!

Fishing Season

November – April


Santa Cruz province, Patagonia.
Closest Airport: El Calafate


Anglers will stay at the brand new Lodge overlooking the system of lakes and rivers. The lodge is strategically located near a large cliffside to be protected from wind and harsh weather creating a protected haven for our guests.

The lodge can accommodate up to 8 anglers and comes with all comforts of a modern lodge in Patagonia. The lodge will have 4 rooms with 2 beds in each, showers, water toilets and all other necessary comforts. At the centre of the lodge there will be a fireplace adding to the atmosphere. As we are big fans of Patagonian culture, good food, and wines there will be an Asado (barbeque) area located just outside the lodge ready for extensive use during the whole fishing season!

Wifi: No
Cellphone signal: No
Satellite phone: Yes


Species: Rainbow Trout (occasional Brown trout)
Biggest landed: 6 kg
Average Size: 3 kg

Eagle Valley is part of a private Estancia where we have exclusive rights for the entire fishing area. It consists of two lakes connected by a 2 km long stream. The upper lake is deeper with crystal clear water while the lower lake is shallow with colored water. Fish is spread out between the lakes and all over the river so there is many different ways and techniques to try. Everything from skated dry flies and bombers, to fast retrieve streamers has been tested with great results. There are also shallow sections that can be waded and sight fished much like a bonefish flat. With the biggest fish being caught so far weighing over 6 kg we are quite optimistic that record will be broken during the first official season in 2018!

Species & Fishing Equipments

For the streams we recommend #5 weight rods rigged with floating lines

For the lakes we recommend 7 weight rods rigged with floating lines

Flies: The normal range of brown trout and rainbow flies. Everything from streamers and nymphs to dry flies and bombers.

Contact us

+1 (718) 710 4977
+54 (911) 4440 9156
Skype: FishSimply

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