Fishing for monster size King Salmon in one of the most pristine and scenic landscapes Patagonia has to offer!


This unique King Salmon fishery is located right in the heart of beautiful Los Glaciares National Park in an area called Austral Andes and is surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and glaciers. Fishing for King Salmon this size is something extraordninary and the strength and stamina of these fish is unmatched by most freswater species on the planet! 15 – 20 kg fish is normal with bigger 25 – 30 kg fish being around most of the time. Biggest landed so far was 35 kg (77 lbs) and we have several fish in 32 kg range landed.

Fishing Season

Mid January to Mid March


Glacier King and Estancia Cristina is located a 3 hour boatride from the beautiful town of El Calafate in the southwest part of the Santa Cruz province of Patagonia. El Calafate has its own airport and is easy to access by flight from Buenos Aires and several other locations throughout South America.


Anglers will stay in one of Patagonia’s most historical and beautiful lodge’s, Estancia Cristina! With a rich history dating back to the early 1900’s the Estancia continues to be today the shelter it used to be in the past. Warm rustic elements have been chosen for decorating the rooms so that they form an integral part of the history of the Estancia and its simple but imposing surroundings.

The menu of unique regional cuisine is the most famous along with the combination of flavors and care in the presentation of each dish. All products used are being meticulously choosen.The Patagonian lamb, fresh vegetables and homemade breads are some of the favorites of the dishes served.

The menu offers a selection of fine wines from all regions of Argentina, from the northern regions down to Patagonia.

Non fishing activities: The Estancia has been dedicated exclusively to adventure tourism and offers their guests a number of activities such as excursions on 4×4 vehicles, hiking trails, Horse riding and more.


Species: King Salmon also known as Chinook salmon.

Biggest landed: 77 lbs (35 kg)

Average Size: 39 lbs (18 kg)

Big fish in a mid size river makes for an explosive combination. Caterina river is 8 miles long from the mouth in Anita Lake to the exit in Argentino Lake. Anglers can use heavier single hand rods in the 10 – 12 weight range or switch or double hand rods in the 8 – 10 weight range. Some pools are perfect for bigger double hand rods while some are better suited for single hand or switch rods.

Late January through February is the best time for catching fresh Kings. During this month anglers can expect to hook two or three on a good day and expect to land one out of two hooked under normal circumstances. March has more kings in the system, some of them are already becoming darker as the spawning season is about to start (late March). They become very aggressive and the fishing is done all over the river.

A normal fishing day begins at 8.30 am after having a big breakfast at the lodge. We drive 20 minutes to the midsection of the river where our fishing day begins. We normally fish until around 1 pm when we return for lunch and siesta at the lodge. At 4 pm we go back to the river for the afternoon/ evening session that lasts until around 8 pm when we go back to the lodge for dinner.

Fishing Equipments

Single hand rods: 9 – 10 foot rods in weight classes #10, 11 or 12

Switch rods: 11-12 foot rods in weight classes #9, 10 or 11

Double hand rods: 12 – 14 foot rods in weight classes #8, 9 or 10

Lines: Floating, Intermediate and sinking lines are all being used throughout the season. We recommend to bring at least one of each along with various Sinking tips and poly leaders.

Flies: Intruders and articulated leeches are the normal ”go to” flies but this is fishing and sometimes nymphpatterns and other flies not found in the normal King Salmon assortment works like a charm!

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